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Opt-In and Agree Consent - Dear Patient, Due to rules regarding sending HIPAA compliant emails, we are required to inform you as well as to get consent prior to sending this email which might contain personal and private health information. We must advise you that there are risks associated with emailing unencrypted private health information. We must also advise you it is strongly recommended that you pick up your requested health information in person. We encourage you to protect your devices/computers with passwords and enable an automatic logoff. Please note it is best to change your device passwords every 6 months. If you would like to OPT-IN AND AGREE to receive the requested information, please respond to this email with either a YES or NO. 1 hour RT-PCR is the timing we will turnaround your results, although this is NOT A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, there is a chance due to equipment testing variabilities that at times are out of our control and will require your sample to be re-run due to inconclusive findings. I have read, understand, and have a copy of the waiver/consent and Agreement to pay for and accept all terms listed above.(Required)